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How to prepare for your newborn’s first photo session:

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  1. Feed your baby fully before you leave for the shoot. Have everything packed and ready to go before this feeding. This is only if you are closer than 20 minutes away. Otherwise, you can feed the baby right when you get here.

  2. Do the last diaper change and leave the tabs loose so that I can easily take off the diaper without it startling the baby.

  3. Cloth the baby in a zipper onesie so I can easily take it off and get the baby swaddled naked.

  4. Bring a bottle of milk and a pacifier.

  5. I will have the room heated to 80 degrees. Wear yoga pants and a t-shirt. Bring a long

    sleeved black shirt. Bring an extra pair of pants incase you get soiled from the baby since

    she/he will be naked. It happens!

  6. If we can squeeze in a mother/baby pose, we will. So if you want to do your hair and make

    up for that to be prepared for the opportunity, you will be glad you did.

  7. Take a photo of your child’s nursery on your phone. Stand back from the across the room and try to incorporate your furniture as well. This will help me with planning your portraits.

  8. The session can take 1- 1.5 hours.

  9. Text me at (303) 522-3320 when you are on your way. I know feeding and getting a newborn

    can take a lot of time so I don’t want you to be nervous about being late. A text just helps me plan and get ready for your arrival.